6 Window Treatment Options to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer

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With the scorching summer temperatures around the bend, did you know there are window treatment options that can keep the heat out of your home? The best window treatments should protect against the sun’s heat while complementing the room’s décor. They should also block UV rays and act as an insulator for your windows.

From window shades to custom window coverings, when looking for the best window treatments to keep your home cool this summer, you can’t go wrong with these window treatment options.

Roman Shades

Roman shades refer to a window covering with fabric folds that lower and raise in a horizontal position. This stacking option provides shade when needed and filters natural light when wanted. Choose a heavy fabric material with room darkening liners to increase your home’s insulation to keep coolness in the room during the summer months.

Roman shades are available in a variety of styles such as swag or scallop-fringed, tie, flat-fold, and relaxed, as well as various lift systems, such as corded or motorized. You can also enhance the design of the room by choosing shades with patterns, solids, stripes, and florals.


A popular window covering used to block out heat are interior shutters. Customized to fit within the window frame, the shutters are designed to totally enclose the windowpane. Shutters block the heat from the sun as the warmth is contained between the shutter and the glass.

Shutters are a valuable tool in maintain an energy-efficient home. The slats of the shutters can be closed tight or opened at an angle to allow as much natural light in before and after the heat of the day appears. Available in durable materials such as wood, vinyl, and faux wood, shutters came in an array of colours to suit any interior décor.

Roller Blinds

One of the more commonly known window treatments is the roller blind. Designed to fit flush against the wall or within the window frame, these shades are available as a “pull shade” with a spring mechanism or as a rolled shade with beaded chains.

These blinds provide light control, privacy, and have low maintenance characteristics. Room darkening options can help to keep the warmth from the sun out of the house. They are sold in various sizes or can be custom-cut for a tight fit within the window frame. Styles include straight or scalloped-hem, solid colours, and assorted patterns.

Cellular Shades

Cellular or honeycomb shades are marketed as the highest energy-efficient blinds available. The pleated fabric contains honeycomb-shaped pockets or cells. Choose from single, double, or triple-layered shades, depending on the quality of insulation desired. The larger the size of the pockets, the more energy consumption saved.

These shades are available in various light filtering options, including blackout lined. An assortment of colours and designs styles are available to complement any décor.

Curtains and Drapes

An alternative to blinds is curtains or drapes. From modern to traditional designs and styles, these coverings are available in insulating fabrics or in heavier materials to keep the heat from the sun out. Lighter-coloured drapes reflect the light to help cool the room faster and longer. Remember to look for a “tight weave” of the fabric to ensure the most heat transfer reduction.

With custom window treatments like curtains and drapery, the sky is the limit! Choose the colour, design, and style that reflects the room. To create a more energy-efficient environment, heavy curtains can be layered with interior shutters, shades, and blinds.

Motorized Solar Shades

Like cellular shades, solar shades are a form of roller blinds. Commonly known as solar screens, these shades use a mesh fabric to block out the heat while providing a view. With a tight customized fit and a light-coloured backing, solar shades can help reduce energy consumption by keeping the room cool.

Motorized solar shades are very convenient because you can choose how open you want the shades to be. Use the lower levels to gain more ultraviolet light protection and a higher level to have the best see-through view.

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