Fabric Matters: Choosing the Right Material for Your Custom Drapery

As spring fast approaches, if you are considering welcoming the new season with custom drapery, the options to choose from are endless. Today’s market offers a variety of materials, colours, and textures for custom drapery that is can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming.

Below we explore why fabric matters and help you choose the best custom drapery fabrics for your home or office space. Keep reading!

Why Does Fabric Matter While Choosing Custom Drapery?

As most homeowners know, the right drapery can enhance the aesthetics of a room as well as the functionality. The fabric plays a major role when deciding what drapery would look best in your room. Aside from the texture and colour, you can choose a material based on its ability to control light or filter light, complement the room’s aesthetics, maintain a certain temperature, or provide the perfect amount of privacy.

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Different Types of Fabrics for Custom Drapery

Different Types of Fabrics for Custom Drapery

Understanding the pros and cons of the various types of fabrics for custom drapery not only helps to ensure the right material is chosen but it can also help narrow down the wide selection of choices available.

Polyester Drapes

Polyester drapes are a common site in many homes mainly due to the lower pricing and the durability of the fabric. As a low maintenance material, polyester is offered in various colours, designs, patterns, and styles that retain their structure.

Linen Drapes

The same desirable linen material used for clothing can create stunning drapery. The crisp look of linen is available in natural and dyed colours to complement any room décor. The material is designed with natural weaved fibres that give both privacy and the option for airflow.

Cotton Drapes

Cotton makes for perfect drapery thanks to its breathable capabilities. The flow of the fabric can be molded to fit any size of window in a style that complements the interior décor. There is a wie selection of cotton drapery in different colours, patterns, and designs.

Silk Drapes

Elegance can be easily obtained with the delicate material of silk drapery. With a unique weight, silk drapes fall against the framework to provide a flowy aesthetic. The construction of the silk can provide light control and privacy options.


Sheer materials are designed to support other drapery for artistic or visual appeal. The airy feel and look to sheers allow for light filtering of natural light with a touch of a classic design. As a layering tool to heavy drapery, the light weight of the fabric can be used on most window frames.


Custom drapery is often created by using velvet fabrics. The heavy-weighted material provides room-darkening features and maximum privacy while eliciting a rich empowered look. This also gives extra insulation to drafty windows.

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Pros and Cons of Different Fabrics for Custom Drapery

Natural fibres like cotton, linen, and silk bring huge advantages with notable disadvantages as window treatments.

SoftCan be expensive
BreathableWrinkle easy
DurableMay require dry cleaning
Easy maintenanceFlammable

Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and acrylic share many of the same characteristics of natural fibers. As with natural materials, synthetic materials can be susceptible to damage, depending on the source.

AffordableMay not breathe as well
Low maintenanceCan distort when heat
Resistant to fadingEasily flammable
DurableEasily stained
Good insulatorAbsorb odours

Blended fabrics like cotton-polyester and linen-polyester are the most common drapery offered by retailers due mostly in part to their low costs. There are notable disadvantages of these fabrics.

SoftnessMay not breathe as well
DurableHigh maintenance
AffordableMay shrink

Signature Designers That Carry an Extensive Line of Fine-Quality Fabrics

Equus Fabrics

Equus Fabrics

This family-owned company has been providing different fabrics for custom drapery for retailers, decorators, healthcare facilities, hotels, and restaurants in the GTA for more than 40 years. Their designers handpick fabric from global textile mills.

Eddy Stone

Eddy Stone

Since the 1980s, this company has worked with various global fabric suppliers to produce quality drapery at competitive pricing. Their products and services focus on fashionable designs based on customer needs.

JF Fabrics

JF Fabrics

As a wholesale distributor, this family-owned company produces drapery with various colours, patterns, and designs. From intricate details to top-quality materials, the company focuses on excellent customer service and quick delivery.

Unique Fine Fabrics

Unique Fine Fabrics

As a family-owned business, this Toronto company offers stunning textiles and drapery accessories to complement any room décor. Choose from modern sleek designs and styles to classic choices.



The global market of this company involves residential, hospitality, and manufacturing clientele. Affordable and elegance are the two main focus goals of this company.

Maxwell Fabrics

Maxwell Fabrics

High quality of service and products are the foundations of this family-owned company. Functionality and style are trademarks of the traditional to modern lines of drapery products.

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