Window Drapery Trends for 2023

Custom Drapery Trends 2023

The latest custom drapery trends for 2023 are available and they are magnificent! Whether you are looking to create a new lease on the life by updating the bedrooms in your home or want to transform the family living room, there is the right colour, fabric, and print for you! 

Trending Curtain & Drapery Colours of 2023

When choosing the right coloured custom drapery in Toronto in 2023, the focus should be on the room’s specific theme. For rooms with a natural tone, add a pop of colour with saturated tones. Any vibrant room can be well-balanced with neutral tones.

Shades of Red and Pink

Varying shades of red and pink will be seen across the board with new curtains and drapery options this year. In keeping with the Viva Magenta colour as Pantone’s 2023 colouring, vibrant shades on the red and pink can enhance any living quarters.

Combination of Black and Grey

On the opposite side of the colour spectrum, darker shades for curtains and drapery can be used in white or lively coloured rooms. Consider a combination of black and grey to outline the window treatments.

Neutral Tans

If the room needs a more low-key contrast, consider neutral tan shades for the drapery colour. Creating a cozy atmosphere with the hues of nature can transform a room without changing the wall or furniture colours.

All White

With the massive selection of colours available, there will be people who want to keep the clean lines of the room by using all white for the window coverings. This is a timeless trend that can be added to or remain for years to come.

Trending Prints for Curtains and Draperies in 2023

Along with choosing the perfect colour, you can also choose plain or prints for curtains and drapery in 2023. Curtain prints for the new year range from wild mixtures of floral to animals and shapes. The trends from the 50s, 60s, and 80s can be found in today’s curtain choices.

Floral Prints

A few sizes smaller than the gigantic flowers of the mid-20th century, today’s floral prints feature small but intimate blooms. In a stark room, floral curtains can create a simple but appealing garden.

Bold Abstract Patterns

Make a bold statement in 2023 with abstract patterns. The design of lines, shapes, and prints can be considered as the main attraction of the dining or living room.

Graphic Prints

Graphic prints have been subtly making a comeback in recent years and 2023 has set the stage for its re-debut! From works of art replicas to wild animals and images, these curtains will dominate bedrooms, family rooms, and guest areas.

Geometric Prints

Add a little shakeup to the sleek clean lines in your room with curtains or drapery shrouded in geometric prints. Not only for offices and playrooms, this 2023 trend can act as a conversation piece throughout the home.

Trending Fabric for Curtains and Draperies in 2023

Drapery fabric plays a large role in the overall aesthetics of a room. Designers have focused their sights (and hands) on the use of more natural materials such as cotton, linen, and silks for 2023.

Silk Curtains and Drapes

Silk material offers a timeless, luxurious appeal along with being wrinkle-proof and durable for curtains and drapery use. The silk window covering can be manipulated to work as a light blocker while providing privacy.

Cotton Curtains

Cotton truly is one of the better sustainable choices when it comes to material for drapes. The wide availability of colours and patterns allow cotton curtains to be one of the top trends for 2023.

Velvet Draperies

The traditional velvet drape of the past has changed immensely in the capability of offering updated sophistication. 2023 sees the richness and fullness of the drapery take centre stage in many homes and businesses.

Linen Curtains

Linen is a popular material for clothes so why not for drapery? Linen curtains offer easy maintenance while providing a complementary style to the existing design of the room.

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