Sheers & Shadings

Designer Banded Shades

Designer Banded Shades combine alternating sheer and solid bands in a single shade. Shift the solid bands to overlap, and you ensure privacy. Align the solid bands, and you get natural, diffused light. With each adjustment, you create your precise level of sun and privacy. And, of course, the shades completely raise or lower via your choice of innovative operating system.

Turn your windows into works of art with a variety of design options. Choose from:

•   Bold fabric colors

•   Three different band heights

•   Two different geometric styles

A fabric-wrapped header in a square design creates a sleek top treatment, or go for one of eight custom hardware colors.

Operating Systems: Continuous Cord Loop, SoftTouch, UltraGlide®, PowerView®


Silhouette Window Shadings

The S-shaped vanes of Silhouette™ appear to magically float between two sheer panels to create an elegant shading. With the vanes open the sheers provide light diffusion and daytime privacy, while still allowing you to see out the window. Simply adjust the vanes for greater light deflection and privacy. Silhouettes are also available in many different speciality shapes!! The Silhouette Duolite® is two shades in one, providing all the benefits of a traditional Silhouette shading but with an independently operated room-darkening roller shade nestled behind it. Position the roller shade at any height for increased light control and privacy.

Operating Systems: EasyRise, SoftTouch, UltraGlide®, LiteRise®, PowerView®


Luminette Privacy Sheers

Luminette® Privacy Sheers combine a sheer fabric facing with soft, vertical rotating vanes affixed to the back of the sheer. They provide the ethereal beauty of sheer drapery panels along with variable light control and privacy, and are the perfect choice for wide expanses of glass, sliding doors, and other vertical applications. With the vanes rotated open, the sheer fabric diffuses and disperses the sun’s rays into soft, natural light to illuminate the room. Available in many on-trend fabric options, Luminette Privacy Sheers also help protect your floors and furniture from UV damage while maintaining your views to the outside.

Operating Systems: Wand Control, Combination Wand / Cord Control & PowerView®


Pirouette Window Coverings

Soft horizontal fabric vanes that float on a sheer backing allow you to achieve infinite combinations of light control, view-through and privacy. The sheer fabric back panel diffuses sunlight, transforming it into a warm glow while filtering out UV rays. Available in many different Speciality Shapes.


A revolutionary design innovation that allows the vanes to float gracefully with no obvious cords to mar the beauty or the view through the sheer.

Operating Systems: EasyRise, SoftTouch, UltraGlide®, PowerView®


Nantucket Window Shadings

Hunter Douglas Nantucket shadings offer a streamlined selection of operating systems and soft sheers. Both stylish and sensibly priced, these shadings feature 3″ vanes that tilt for effective light control. Nantucket Window Shadings are also available in many different Specialty Shapes.

Operating Systems: EasyRise, UltraGlide®, LiteRise®, PowerView®