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For homeowners and business owners who want the convenience of motorized-style drapery in Mississauga, there are a few options to consider. These blinds are completely motorized, so you don’t have to spend time tugging on cords or chains to operate your window coverings. Texeuro Drapery Ltd. provides a variety of motorized options that will make life easier for you, especially if your employees or members of your household consist of young children or seniors.

What Are Motorized Window Blinds and What Makes Them Different?

Motorized window blinds and motorized window shades are a smarter, easier, and more convenient option for window coverings. Instead of manual strings, chains, and cords, these blinds and shades operate via a motor. The simplicity of this operation comes in the form of pressing a button to raise or lower as many rows as you need in seconds.

The benefits of motorized blinds & shades include:


Especially in applications with large or high windows, a motorized system adds convenient and ease when opening or closing them. There is no need for ladders or stepping on furniture to reach up. This makes them a great option for people with disabilities, young children, or seniors who may find the cords difficult to pull on, hard to reach, or a hazard.


Motorized shades are great for business owners and homeowners with numerous windows. Manually opening and closing blinds and shades every day takes up precious time that could be better spent working or spending time with family. Thanks to the easy remote, motorized blinds can open and close in seconds.


Motorized shades are the latest and greatest innovation in home technology, making them a great conversation starter for visitors and guests.

How Does Motorized-Style Drapery Work?

There are three main types of motorized blinds: battery wand, hardwired, and solar-powered.

Battery wand motorized blinds

Battery wand motorized blinds are a common choice. Thanks to the attached battery tube hidden behind the shade or along the wall, you can power your blinds on and off easily. The battery attachment might also be built into the shade itself.

Hardwired blinds

Hardwired blinds come with a power adapter that plugs into an outlet in the wall. This is a preferred option for some people because there is no need to change any batteries. These are a great option for heavy blinds, which can drain batteries very easily.

Solar-powered blinds

Solar-powered blinds are great for people who want to conserve as much energy as possible or tap into the use of a renewable energy source. The solar-powered kit includes a rechargeable battery that charges daily through a solar panel. When the battery is connected to the solar panel the shade will draw power from the sun’s energy during the day. This system also eliminates the need to change batteries, and with proper placement and incoming solar energy, it can operate with one open and one closed per day.

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