Horizontal Wood + Faux Wood Blinds

Maxx Value 2″ Faux Wood Blinds


Maxxmar Faux Wood Blinds gives the richness of real wood to your windows without hurting your wallet. Available White and Off White, this window treatment is designed to match almost all home decors and styles.

Faux Wood Blinds from Maxxmar is extremely durable as it provides resistance from fire and moisture. Unlike real wood blinds, this window dressing doesn’t get infected by bacteria and termites. Made of a Proprietary Vinyl Formulation, this window treatment will retain its beauty even after years of use as it won’t warp, swell, crack or split.

St. Moritz Wood Blinds

Maxxmar St. Moritz Wood Blinds are designed to give a formal and organized look to the windows. Made from high-quality basswood, these blinds add warmth to the home interiors.

Available in a wide variety of rich colours and natural wood tones, St. Moritz Wood Blinds from the house of Maxxmar are ideal to complement a contemporary décor. These blinds are durable, attractive and sophisticated, thus making it perfect to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the room. Available in 2″ Size Slat

Zurich Faux Wood Blinds


Celebrate the durability of resin and the warmth of real wood with Maxxmar Zurich Faux Wood Blinds. Ideal for rooms with high humidity levels such as kitchens and bathrooms, this window treatment is designed to last a lifetime.

The unique fusion of resin and real wood adds charm to the décor. It provides superior weather protection without compromising on appearance. The luxurious look and designer textures are all trademarks of Zurich Faux Wood from the house of Maxxmar. Choose from a wide variety of colours and tones to give the desired look to your windows. Available in 2″ Size Slat

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