Everything You Need to Know about Outdoor Window Shades

Benefits of Having Exterior Roller Shades

Now is the time to install outdoor window shades to help you enjoy the fresh air on your patio or outside living space while protecting you from harmful ultraviolet rays and peeping eyes!

Similar to the blinds and shades used inside your home, outdoor shades offer privacy and protection while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing look for the exterior of your house. These types of window blinds are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and encourage longer outdoor enjoyment.

What Are Outdoor Window Shades?

Just like the name suggests, outdoor window shades are shades designed for the exterior of your house. Outdoor window shades are a growing trend in Ontario because they protect the exterior and interior of your home. Modern choices allow for customization to match any décor and are available in a range of sizes, including custom cut.

The special materials and hardware used are designed to repel rain and snow while protecting your outdoor space from harmful ultraviolet sunlight. Choose from tightly woven fabric, metal, and wood to accommodate your outdoor living needs.

Benefits of Outdoor Window Shades

Aesthetically, outdoor window shades can be used to make a statement about the house’s exterior or can be fitted to blend into the colouring of the exterior. Contrary to popular belief, outdoor window shades are not a new concept. European homes have been taking advantage of the benefits of exterior shades for years.

Energy Efficient

Window shades on the exterior can help reduce energy consumption by creating an energy efficient home. These shades work as a double protection from the heat of summer and the chill of the winter air.

By reducing the unwanted outdoor air that seeps through windowpanes and frames, these window shades lower the need for consistent use of heaters and air conditioners. They can help the home stay cooler during the summer and warmer during the winter.

Blocks UV Rays

For years we have been told about the risk ultraviolet rays from the sun can pose on our health year-round. Outdoor window shades can help add another layer of protection to you and your home. By installing these shades, your outdoor furniture can be protected from sun rot.

In addition, the interior décor of your home can also benefit from the use of outdoor window shades and blinds because streaming ultraviolet rays can damage interior furnishings. Sun rot can extend to the flooring, walls, and furniture inside if proper shielding isn’t used.

Controls Temperature

By blocking the ultraviolet sun rays and creating a more energy efficient environment, outdoor shades help to control the inside temperature of the home.

Indoor blinds have been shown to trap any air escaping into the interior between the window and the blind itself. Exterior window shades help to double the protection thereby helping to regulate the interior temperature.

Maintains Indoor Décor

With the wide selection of outdoor window shades available on the market, there will be the perfect match to any interior décor.

From colour shades to mixed patterns, choose one that suits your exterior and interior furnishings and design schemes.

Types of Outdoor Window Shades

Outdoor window shades in Toronto provide privacy and weather protection regardless of the type of material chosen. Depending on your specific need, you can choose from different types of shades, including the following:

Roller Shades

Outdoor roller shades work the same as the interior ones with the added factor of being weatherproof. These shades roll up and down, housed into a fixed valance at the top. They are available in durable fabric and metal material options. Exterior roller shades provide wind and rain protection with a moderate form of privacy.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades offer high energy efficiency with the unique cell-shape design of the fabric material. Despite the delicate look, these as exterior shades work as an insulator to help maintain the temperature. Cellular exterior shades are best used in environments with little wind or rainfall as they are not weather resistant.


Available in retractable and as permanent fixtures, awnings can provide a partial or full overhead shade protection of a deck or patio. The selection of colours and designs offer a variety of complementing choices to any indoor and outdoor décor. Depending on the intended use and coverage, an outdoor awning can be customized in durable fabrics or viable hard material.

Exterior Blinds

Just like interior Venetian shades, outdoor window blinds are also an available option. These outer blinds are more durable than interior blinds and are available in various materials such as vinyl, treated wood, steel, and aluminum. The ease of movement allows partial to full opening of the slats for privacy.


A more formidable option to exterior blinds is the use of shutters as sun and privacy protection. In addition to withstanding various weather condition and temperatures, shutters enhance the aesthetics of a house. They are available in steel, vinyl, and wood with the option of being installed on a fixed hinge or as a roller shutter. California shutters in Toronto are a popular choice.

Roman Shades

The sleek design of roman shades in various colours and pattern choices are available in a durable exterior option. Outdoor roman shades in Mississauga are commonly designed with a synthetic material to protect against wind, rain, and sun. In damp environments, an anti-microbial coating on the roman shades helps to prevent fungi and bacteria growth.

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