Motorized Blinds, Shades, and Curtains: What Is the Right Choice?

Smart homes are all the rage these days—from cloud-based voice services like Google Home and Alexa to smart TVs, appliances, and lights. Now, you can extend the automation to your window treatments and bring every aspect of your home into the 21st century.

Toss the traditional plain roller shades and enhance the décor of any room with customized motor shades. Choose between motorized blinds, motorized shades, or motorized curtains to add a touch of elegance to every room in your home. Here’s how to choose which option is best for you.

The Difference Between Blinds, Shades, and Curtains

“What is the difference between blinds, shades, and curtains?” Believe it or not, that’s actually one of the most searched questions when it comes to window treatments. The names are often used interchangeably to describe each other, but each type of window covering has its own characteristics.


Blinds are referred to as shades but, technically, they are under a different category. Blinds are constructed with horizontal or vertical slates of material such as PVC, wood, vinyl, or aluminum. Blinds can be raised, lowered, or moved from side to side for privacy and viewing purposes.


Shades, on the other hand, are usually just one piece of fabric that is raised or lowered as desired. They are typically made of a softer fabric. But much like blinds, shades are available in various styles and designs.


Curtains are a little more distinguishable. Curtains are panels of fabric that hang around a window. Often designed as a pair, they are available in a wide array of styles, colours, fabrics, and lengths. It should be noted that curtains differ from drapery with the latter often being shorter and thicker.

Unlike motorized blinds and shades, motorized curtains open left, right, or centre. This depends on the accessibility of the window and the amount of space on either side of the window frame.

Why Are Motorized Window Treatments a Good Choice?

Motorized window treatments were once considered to be a status symbol. With the increasing demand for home automation, motorized window treatments are now part of a home’s efficiency network.

The availability of various styles, designs, and colours of motorized window treatments depends on the manufacturer. Automated curtains tend to be offered in a pinch or pleated fold, based on the chosen stacking style. Fabrics in motorized shades and blinds also vary.

Here are some main advantages of choosing motorized window treatments.

Safer for Children and Pets

Perhaps the most important feature of motorized window treatments is the fact that they don’t have cords. Instead, you can operate them with voice command, remote control, or via your smartphone. This is a major advantage for parents of young children and pets that could be at risk of becoming entangled in the cords.

Elegant and Comfortable

Effective and elegant window treatments do exist! Most manufacturers of motorized blinds offer a wide selection of materials, styles, and designs to complement any room’s décor. In addition, motorized blinds combined with motorized curtains can enhance the comfort and charm of your home. The intricate pleating of the curtains and sophistication can set the tone for the entire room.

Easy Installation

Window treatments of any sort can be easily installed with the proper measurements, tools, and a second pair of hands. Motorized window treatments are similar and come with detailed installation instructions depending on the type of treatment being installed. One key factor to consider is the weight of the curtain fabric. The weight of the material plays a role in the number of motors required to operate the opening and closing of the curtain. There are some manufacturers of automated blinds that have made it easier by supplying pre-programmed systems.

Better Lighting and UV Protection

Using motorized window treatments can provide better lighting options, particularly if the preset programming is used. This benefit is key to protecting the occupants and the furnishings from harmful ultraviolet light at peak sunlight times. You can opt for full coverage light control, no light control, and everything in between. Motorized window treatments are the future. The fluctuating interior temperature and humidity levels from changing weather patterns can now be managed with the help of a smartphone app.

Energy Savings

On a similar note, by preventing the sun from shining through your windows you can also save on energy costs. Your air conditioner won’t have to work double-time to cool your home as the window treatments insulate the room from the hot sun. With automation, you can program your window treatments to stay closed all day, thus keeping your home cool, and open them just in time for you to get home from work.

Security and Privacy

Security and privacy are significant factors to a homeowner. Being able to pre-program blinds and curtains to open and close at different times will ease your mind, particularly when away from the house. When at home, you can continue to enjoy discretion by opting to partially open the blinds when desired, while also maintaining privacy.

Easy Integration

With the advanced technology on the market, motorized window treatments can be easily integrated into an existing smart home system. This allows you to use one platform to control the lights, heating and cooling systems, electronics, security alarms, and window coverings.

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