Everything You Need to Know about Canada’s Recent Bill about Using Corded Blinds

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Have you heard about the latest Corded Window Coverings Regulations Bill by Health Canada? It pertains to the maximum length allowed for corded blinds in Toronto and across the country. It first came into effect May 1, 2021, and companies had until May 1, 2022 to adhere to the new regulations.

As the new rules were introduced during the pandemic, many consumers were confused over the new legislation. This article explains the why this Bill was introduced and how it relates to the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act.

The Dangers of Using Corded Blinds

The use of corded blinds in bedrooms and as family room blinds have always been cautioned in households with small children. Health Canada says an average of one child per year has died of strangulation by a window covering cord over the past 30 years.

These incidents occur when the child becomes entangled in the long cord. It only takes a split second to happen with the child becoming unconscious within 20 seconds. It happens so fast, and so quietly, sometimes, parents don’t even know until it is too late. For children that do survive, they can be left with life-altering injuries.

Safety Standards

The Canada Consumer Product Safety Act was established to protect all Canadians from imports and Canadian products that may pose a risk to the health and safety of a person. A consumer product is designated as a product readily available for non-commercial use.

Any corded window coverings obtained for commercial purposes such as offices and restaurants do not fall under the new regulations for corded blinds.

New Corded Windows Coverings Regulations

The new corded windows coverings regulations apply to custom-made and shelf products. The focus is on the length of the reachable cord and the loop size the cord creates when in use.

A window covering must not have a free-hanging or tethered cord that is longer than 22 cm (8.7 inches). This includes exposed cords and chains that are used to raise, lower, open, and close blinds.

An inner cord that is exposed and in use must not have a loop larger than 44 cm (17.3 inches) when a pulled force is applied.

How Do Cordless Blinds Work?

The concern over the danger of blind cords has seen a recent buying frenzy of cordless blinds. These type of blinds manoeuvre on a lift or tension mechanism that allows for operation without a cord. Cords can be seen within the slats but are not exposed for use.

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