5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Window Treatments

Window TreatmentsWhen you’re looking to buy window treatments in Toronto, it may not be as simple as it first appears. Trying to find that perfect window treatment that will really tie your room together and put the finishing touches on your vision is likely your top priority. But there are several common mistakes that people make that prevent them from fulfilling that vision.

So, what are these common mistakes when buying window treatments?

Inaccurate Measurements and Sizes

When purchasing window shades in Mississauga (or anywhere, really) we often find that people tend to underestimate how much fabric they’ll need, leading to imprecise measurements and ill-fitted sizes. Getting custom blinds in Mississauga or any other type of window treatment can take the guesswork out of finding the perfect fit. Instead, you’ll get window treatments cut precisely to your home’s dimensions.

Not Considering the Differences between Inside and Outside Installations

The majority of window treatments in Toronto will be installed on the inside of your home, but others can look fantastic when installed on the outside of your home. Knowing which one you want—and purchasing the appropriate fabrics and materials—is crucial. Otherwise, the treatment may look like it doesn’t fit in your home, or it won’t last long when exposed to the elements.

Choosing the Wrong Materials

Speaking of wrong materials, many people often just take the first material they see, assuming they don’t vary that much. But that’s a big mistake! Materials vary in all sorts of ways like price, maintenance demands, weight, look, resilience, safety for children/animals, etc. Making sure you get the right materials for your window shades in Toronto is among the most important choices.

Assuming That Similar Windows Are the Same Size

Unfortunately, a “standard size” for windows simply doesn’t exist. As such, even if windows look alike from afar, when it gets down to the actual measurements, they may be substantially different. So, it’s key to get those accurate measurements mentioned earlier.

Focusing Exclusively on Looks Over Function

While of course you want a window treatment that looks perfect in your home, but that isn’t the only consideration. In fact, there are quite a few other things you ought to consider when buying window treatments aside from pure aesthetics, like how easy the treatment is to operate. For instance, curtains look beautiful, but can be more difficult to maintain and operate compared to shades. It’s almost always possible to find the right combination of looks and function, it just takes the right provider and being aware of the other considerations.

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