Important Factors to Consider While Choosing Curtains and Drapery

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The right curtains and drapery can be the finishing touches your room needs to me make it perfect. If you’re looking for curtains and drapery in Oakville, Toronto, Milton, Burlington, Brampton, or anywhere else in the GTA, you ought to take advantage of the largest home and décor collection in the entire GTA, so you can be sure to find whatever it is you’re looking for.

Factors to Consider while Choosing Curtains & Drapery


The fabric you choose goes a long way towards determining the overall feel and aesthetic of your room. Heavier fabrics are more regal but can be difficult to store and maintain. Thinner materials, by contrast, are easier to maintain but may not be as strong when it comes to insulation.

Light Control

Depending on the room, sometimes you may want it bathed in sunlight and other times you may desire total darkness. The right type of curtains and drapery will ensure that you can control how much light is filtering into your room. Options like blackout curtains are also available for bedrooms where light moderation is critical


You don’t want to be changing your curtains and drapes every few months. When you select durable materials for your curtains and drapes you can be certain that they will last for years, so you can maximize the utility you get out of your curtains and drapes.


The colour selection can make your room feel warm, inviting, relaxed, muted, or whatever it is the mood you’re looking to achieve.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on the curtains and drapery in Toronto you choose, you’ll have to understand how best to clean and maintain them. Different fabrics require different cleaning and maintenance methods and understanding which ones your chosen fabric needs (and which ones you’d be willing to carry out) is key to choosing the right curtains and drapes.

How Do Curtains and Drapery Differ?

Curtains and drapes differ mainly in how they function, as well as the materials used in their fabrication.

You’ll often find that drapery adds a more formal-looking touch to your room, making it appear more regal and statelier.

Curtains, on the other hand, tend to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

You’ll also typically find that curtains are in general easier to maintain than drapes.

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