What Are Some Trendy Window Drapery Options for Summer?

Window DraperySummer is here. Doesn’t that feel good to say? And with it comes another opportunity for some minor (or major!) redecorations. Each new season brings in a whole bunch of new ideas for trendy window drapery—and summer is no exception. From bright colours to fresh patterns, there are plenty of options for curtains, drapery, and window treatment this summer. 

Below, you’ll find a rundown of some of the coolest new colour options for trendy window drapery for summer 2021.

Fresh and Beautiful Blue

Blue is a lovely colour that we see everywhere—the sky, the sea, why not in your home, too? There’s a wide swath of blues to choose from, and they go extremely well with white. Two sets of white curtains accentuated by blue and light blue shades are an excellent look.

Seafoam Green

Green is fresh, lively, verdant—of course it would go well with summer. Seafoam green is an especially beautiful shade that fits summer. Again, green goes well with white. You’re also better off avoiding darker shades. Instead, it often looks better when you stick with vibrant shades and lighter fabrics.

Rosy Pink

Pink is great if you want to hit that romantic mood in your room. Best to pair pink with light fabrics that are mixed white or patterned. It’s also always great to add a set of air curtains.

Floral Orange and Yellow

Orange is another colour that inspires feelings of fertile and lush fruits, seeds, and generally makes us feel like things are in bloom once again. Orange and yellows typically make people think of more tropical locals, which is a great feeling for summer.

Neutral and Pastel Shades

You can never go wrong with neutral and pastel shades like white and grey. After all, they go with everything and fit in well with all seasons (but especially summer!). What’s more, you can get an accent piece to complete these shades in any of the previously mentioned colours—or really in almost any colour you like. If you’re looking for versatility, then neutral and pastel shades are the way to go.

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