How to Choose Blinds for Office Use

Blinds for Office

When considering how to choose blinds for your office, it may seem like an easy, or at the very least inconsequential, decision. But that’s not the case at all. The best window blinds offer a wide variety of benefits both aesthetic and financial. 

Wondering how to choose blinds for your office? Let’s go over some key things to keep in mind.

Points to Consider when Choosing Blinds for Office Use

Energy Efficiency

While many businesses consider the upfront costs of getting new custom blinds in Toronto for their offices, they don’t often consider the long-term impact blinds can have on energy consumption. Up to a third of all heat in your building enters via windows, which can in turn increase air conditioning costs in the summer. Some blinds are superior to others when it comes to dealing with this heat absorption, potentially saving significant sums of money every month.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Depending on how big your office is, you may need a lot of blinds. In that case, you want blinds that are easier to maintain and clean. Certain blind materials are more durable and easier to clean than others; choose the ones that meet your needs and cleanliness expectations. 

Room Design and Colour

Window blinds can help create the perfect office atmosphere. You want blinds that look professional and support the overall look and feel of your office space. That same applies to the colouring—it’s probably best to avoid loud and flamboyant colours.

Types of Blinds for Commercial Office Spaces

Now that we’ve established what’s worth considering when looking at custom blinds in Mississauga or anywhere else in the GTA, let’s quickly go over the different types of blinds that could fit in your office.

  • Mini Blinds: Small and typically made of aluminum. Cheap, durable, and moisture resistant. 
  • Vertical Blinds: Best for large windows. They come in a variety of fabrics and colours and you can scale up or down in price due to material variety, making them a flexible choice. 
  • Roller Shades: Best for avoiding dust buildup. Easy to clean. 
  • Cellular Shades: Great for light filtering. Also great for insulation due to their honeycomb pattern.
  • Faux Wood Blinds: Cheap and easy to clean while maintaining a stylish, timeless look. Also, very moisture resistant.
  • Roman Blinds: These tend to look more regal for offices looking to project a professional air. Great for light filtration and moderation due to folding design.

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