What Are the Benefits of Installing Motorized Window Blinds?


Smart homes are all the rage right now. Automated lights, doors, refrigerators, speakers, air conditioning…there’s a lot of systems that are or can be run by machines in our home. Motorized window blinds are simply the next step in that total smart home makeover. The best part is that motorized-style drapery is not only useful, but it’s also sleek and pleasing to the eye.

Aside from the aesthetic, what are the benefits of installing motorized window blinds? There’s a lot. That in mind, let’s dive in to just a few of the many benefits of motorized window blinds in Toronto.

New Smart Home Trend

As mentioned at the top, smart homes are a huge trend in homes right now. Motorized window blinds are a perfect fit for that trend as they can be controlled with your smart phone, voice, an app, or even a remote control.


Let the robots do the work. Instead of having to go around and manually bring down all your family room blinds, bedroom blinds, home office blinds…kickback and get it all done with the click of a button. This is even more useful in homes with hard-to-reach windows or a lot of individual blinds. And best yet, impress all your guests when they come around!


If you have children in your house or ones that visit, a dangling cord can be a real danger. But with motorized window blinds, you don’t have to worry about kids’ safety. And you’ll impress them with the magic blinds!


When shades are moving, people assume that there’s a person behind them doing the moving. Whether you set your motorized window blinds to a schedule or are away from home and want to protect your furniture from prolonged sunlight, being able to change the shades makes your home seem occupied. This can also make your home seem lived-in even while you’re away on prolonged vacation.

Energy Efficient

On a hot day, the sunlight will filter in through your windows and begin to cause trouble for your air conditioner in a process called solar gain. With motorized window blinds in Toronto, however, you’re ready for those hot summer days. You can adjust on the fly, so that your AC doesn’t have to battle the heat coming in, allowing you to save on energy costs. You can even install sensors that will let your automatic blinds know that it’s hot so that they’ll close in response.


Whether you want a bright, sunny room or are going for lower-toned, calmer mood lighting, motorized style drapery lets you change the mood whenever you like, all with a quick press of a button or two.

Add Elegance

Hanging cords and wires can give your home a disheveled, chaotic look at times. You can get rid of that mess of cords and strings with motorized window blinds, making your rooms look more elegant, sleek, and modern.

Increase Privacy

As the day changes, certain lighting will give passersby a full look into your home, giving them a clear view of everything going on inside. Setting your blinds on a timer can account for that. And the last thing you’ll want to do when locked in conversation with friends is to interrupt everything, get up, and individually roll up all the blinds in your home.

Improves Your Sleep Quality

One of the benefits of installing motorized window blinds is that you never have to hear the crone of your alarm ever again. That’s because you can set your timer to rise in the morning, so you’re woken up by natural light. What’s more, they tend to be completely opaque, ensuring total darkness at night when you’re ready for sleep.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Remember how smart homes are a massive trend these days? Well, if you get motorized blinds installed, that’s actually a feature that many homeowners are looking for in houses during their homebuying journeys. Which is to say that by getting these relatively cheap and affordable gadgets installed, you’ll actually end up increasing your home value by a fair bit. Better yet, it may even be a deciding factor for a homebuyer, giving your home an advantage should you ever choose to sell.

Varied Control Options

Another huge benefit of an automated house is configuring it to fit your lifestyle. Want the blinds to rise at a certain time to see the sunset? Want them to let in the morning light so you don’t have to use an alarm anymore? Want to save yourself some time before bed and have all the blinds close on their own? All this and more is possible with easily programmable routines for your motorized window blinds.

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