Top Reasons to Choose Custom Blinds for Your Home

custom blinds

Custom blinds for your home offer more than just privacy, they provide the perfect finishing touch to the aesthetics of your room. As a major focal point of a living room, sitting room, or dining room, the window treatments become part of the warmth and inviting ambiance of the room.

A house is more than just a structure of wood or brick. It is an investment in your daily living. You fill your home with what makes you happy. Why wouldn’t that include beautiful custom window blinds and shades? It is one type of investment that shouldn’t go without consideration.

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing custom window blinds for your home.

Gives You the Perfect Fit

One of the most important benefits of custom blinds is that you are guaranteed that the window coverings will fit perfectly! Many homes have non-standard sized windows which can make it difficult to find the desired blinds that will fit properly. Even standard-sized windows can have a limited quantity of treatment choices.

Custom blinds and shades are made-to-order with the exact measurements for your windows. This allows you to have the option of hanging the blinds on the outside or the inside of the window frame, without allowing unwanted light from peeping through the sides.

Variety of Fabric to Choose From

Look at retail stores and you will see blinds and shades are available in vinyl and plastic that damage easy and fade quickly. Custom blinds are special ordered so the variety of fabric and materials can be endless.

The quality and the quantity of available custom materials indicate more durable and longer lasting window treatments. With wooden, aluminum, synthetic and natural cloths, bamboo, and metal materials, there are custom blinds and shades to complement any room.

Different Options of Colours and Patterns

Once the proper material is decided on, whether for aesthetics or longevity, the fun begins! Custom blinds are available in various styles, colours, patterns, and some with character designs. Check out the local stores and choose from beige, white, navy, or black, or go for bold with patterned, textured, or multi-coloured blinds.

The assortment of colours and patterns for custom blinds and shades depends largely on the manufacturing company. The choices can be limited in accordance with their size of production and location while others focus their creations on a wider scale.

Excellent Quality and Are Safe to Use

Pre-cut blinds and shades are made in bulk with the goal to produce thousands of manufactured goods. The common materials used are at a cheaper cost and often contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These harmful chemicals are released into the air we breathe over time and as the material breaks down.

Custom-made window treatments can be made with high-quality materials. The material can be chosen by the buyer to avoid low-quality blinds. This can ensure the air quality maintains at a healthy level.

Very Affordable & Easy to Maintain

Contrary to popular belief, custom-made blinds can be more affordable than curtains or drapery. Custom blinds are created to cover the window itself and contain only a few components whereas curtains require more and a heavier set of fabrics to fit measurements.

Today’s custom blinds are easy to maintain, regardless of the material used. A clean damp cloth can be used for regular cleanings without the need for removing the blind unit.

Gives You Better Control Over Light and Privacy

For window coverings for the bedroom, custom blinds can be used to keep out light that can be obtrusive to a good night’s sleep. For night workers, this can be a huge benefit if your need to sleep during the day. Keeping out the hot sun rays during summer months can also help to cool a home. For other times of the year, natural light is most beneficial for one’s physical and mental health.

Being able to retreat to our home can be a necessity some days. This is when privacy comes to be a factor with using custom-made blinds. Shutting out the worries of the world can be soothing at times. For times when you want a small piece of the world to view, there are custom blinds that offer privacy from the outside world while allowing the home occupants to maintain a watchful eye.

Adds to the Aesthetic Value of Your Home

As the windows are your eyes to the world, the treatments are the stage! Custom blinds and shades are available to complement the décor of any room. Without requiring additional space near the window like furniture and bulky drapery do, blinds enhance the mood of the room simply by hanging in the frame.

Step back and take a look at your present window coverings. Do they express the statement of the room? With all of the stunning style, colours, and designs, the aesthetic of each room can be matched to the room features. Each room in a home has its own personality.

Provides True Value for Your Money

In relation to the costs for custom blinds, compare the investment to the quality found in pre-cut blinds available at the local hardware or big box store. Aside from the cheap bargain price, pre-cut blinds often tear easy, especially with young children and pets in the home. Therefore, they will need to be replaced within a short time.

Custom blinds are top-quality and durable window treatments that last for years, or until you choose to replace for decorating. These blinds can help lower the energy bills as they maintain the indoor heat in colder months and coolness in the summer months, reducing the need for electrical support.

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