7 Reasons Why Investing in Vertical Blinds Is a Great Choice for Your Home

Vertical Solutions

Take note of the popular window coverings you see in homes, offices, and boutiques. Vertical window blinds have been a constant trend in window treatments for years, obviously for very good reasons.

These blinds have been proven to be functional, while providing a luxurious fashion statement. With the vast number of assorted styles and designs available, vertical blinds offer more than just privacy and light control. They also act as a sound buffer and are a cost-effective solution.

What Are Vertical Blinds?

Vertical blinds are pieces of fabric, or wood slats, that hang vertical from a sliding track. These louvers are held by clips that can be adjusted to an open or closed position with use of a cord or wand-shaped rod.

For proper movement, each piece of fabric is weighed at the bottom for smooth extension travel. A chain connects the bottom pieces together. The design of vertical blinds provides control of light and privacy as the fabric pieces can be open at varying angles.

Today’s vertical blinds do have multiple safety features, including the option of child safety mechanisms.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing vertical blinds for your home or office.

Vertical Blinds Are Perfect for Large Windows

Large windows or patio doors can be difficult to size with most window treatments. This is when vertical blinds can come into play. Picture windows provide an option to open the room to look more spacious. This requires proper window coverings to block out light and provide privacy when needed.

Vertical Blinds Are Easy to Clean and Maintain

You may be hesitant to install vertical blinds in your home because of the maintenance required. But vertical blinds actually offer easy cleaning and maintenance in comparison to other window treatments. Common household dust and dirt does not fall onto vertical louvers like it does on horizontal slats. Vertical blinds also need less attention and slats can be removed individually if required to treat stains.

Vertical Blinds Have a Variety of Colour Options

As vertical blinds are available in various patterns and designs of fabrics, the right colour for your room will be easy to find. From whites to reds to purples, vertical blinds are available in any of the hues on the spectrum. Most window treatment suppliers can offer in-house colour selection or provide custom-made options that can combine colours for a balayage alternative.

Vertical Blinds Help Maintain Privacy

Privacy can be a concern, especially in homes located near the street or in close proximity to each other. Vertical blinds can literally have you covered when privacy control is crucial. The design allows one to adjust the angle of the opening between the fabric for complete privacy or for a partial view of the outside. This can be a great advantage for homes with spectacular views of lakes or mountains!

Vertical Blinds Control Light and Shade

In addition to privacy and view control, vertical blinds help to block out the hot sun during the summer days. The blinds protect your furnishings, lower utility bills, and reduce glare. By blocking the light with closed louvers, the room instantly becomes a quiet resting place or the perfect site for an afternoon movie!

Vertical Blinds Are Highly Durable

Due to the design of vertical blinds, they have a durability not often seen with basic window shades. The mechanisms of the track and attachments offer a resilience to high-traffic areas such as living rooms and patio doorways. Whether the material is wood, faux wood, or fabric, vertical blinds are created to last more than 10 years, with normal use.

Vertical Blinds Add a Beautiful Appeal to Your House

A home is often a personal statement of your décor taste and aspirations. Having custom vertical blinds designed in accordance with your vision for a room helps to tie the room together. Window treatments are considered a vital part of the sophistication and beauty of a home, from both inside and outside.

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