Tips to Make Your Curtains Look More Expensive and Elegant

Curtains & Drapery

If you are looking for curtains and drapery in Mississauga, Toronto, there are hundreds of options that can add a new dimension to any room in your home.

Window treatments help to increase the heating and cooling efficiency of a house. They block harmful ultraviolet rays, act as an insulator, and are a room-darkening tool—even if you don’t have blinds.

Off-the-rack and customized window treatments do not need to break the bank. There are ways to make curtains look beautiful by following a few simple steps.

Choose the Right Colour & Material

When it comes to colour choices, the field is wide open. Use solids for rooms with pattern-designed furniture or beddings and opt for a “busier” pattern in rooms of neutral colouring.

The material matters as the heavier the drape, the more expensive the cost. Budget-minded designers may want to consider using ones made of linen, cotton, or synthetic woven nylon or acrylic.

Try Using Different Styles

The style can be taken one step further with the use of stripes or abstract prints. These, matched with complementary room colours, can add a new dimension to your window.

Experiment with textures. In the curtain world, there are three different texture types: visual, tactile, and amplitude. Visual is seen, such as a pattern fabric. Tactile refers to a lifted material such as velvet. Amplitude, or the volume, can entail both visual and tactile as seen with pleated curtains.

Hang Curtains Correctly High & Wide

Regardless of the height of your ceilings, hanging curtains or drapery above the top of the window will elongate your room. By mounting the curtains higher than the window, you will have a “high-end” look.

In addition, where possible, use a curtain rod that can be mounted at least 12 inches past the window frame on either side. Widening the window offers a bigger room feel, especially when the curtains are open.

Evaluate the Cost

With a budget in mind, plan out the material, the length, and how many panels, if applicable, you will need. Depending on the curtains, off-the-rack drapery may be more cost-effective, or can actually be more expensive. Again, this all depends on the number of windows you have, as well as the number of panels you need for each window.

Make Sure to Use Statement Hardware

One easy way to create a look of refinement with your window treatments is to replace the hardware. For large windows, use a massive piece of hardware that gives a bold statement. Smaller windows should have detailed or textured rod ends.

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