Factors to Consider when Choosing Zebra Blinds in Mississauga

Zebra BlindsLooking for the latest trends in horizontal blinds to update your window treatments? Zebra blinds in Mississauga offer a practical, but modern look to accentuate any interior.

Zebra blinds are available in an array of colours, textures, and fabrics, and they can add a new dimension to any room in your house. Here are some of the main advantages of zebra blinds and some factors to consider when choosing the right zebra blind treatments.

Maintenance Requirements

One deciding factor in choosing blinds is the upkeep or maintenance. Depending on the zebra window blinds you choose, the cleaning can be minimal. All it takes is a bit of dusting and spot cleaning without removing the entire treatment.

Consider Your Budget

As with any home update, decide on a budget. The difference in price of regular roller and zebra blinds lies in the fabric, colour, and design. Know how many windows you want to dress as the sizing of the blinds will affect the price.

Think about the Safety of the Blinds

Zebra blinds meet the industry’s highest standards and offer a motorized option. This technology makes it safer for small children and pets since they don; require any hanging cords. Zebra blinds can be installed to be controlled by a remote-control or voice-control through your home’s smart system.

Consider the Privacy and Light

The features of privacy and light control makes zebra blinds unique. As these blinds are created with solid and sheer fabric, they offer varying amounts of light filtering, privacy, and visibility.

Having a layered look of fabric and sheer gives the room privacy from the outside world while still providing a chance to “look out” the window. This feature helps to control the amount of sunlight and glare on walls and furnishings. For an unobstructed view, the zebra blind can be rolled up as regular roller shades.

In addition to the sheer horizontal blocks, there is an option for a blackout lining to be applied. This allows the zebra blind to be a blackout blind, a night blind, and a day blind.

Consider the Correct Size and Measurement

When ordering blinds, it is imperative to have the proper measurement of the window. As measurements are taken inside the window frame, choose three spots on the bottom, the middle, and the top of the window as the designated measuring marks. Don’t forget the depth of the window as well!

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