Things to Consider While Hanging Tall Window Curtains

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When shopping for tall window curtains, consider the purpose of the curtains, your budget, and your desired style. When it comes to designing an aesthetically pleasing room, the size of the curtains and drapery can make all of the difference. Furthermore, the right curtain rod can enhance the function and look of the entire room.

Below are some tips to consider when hanging tall window curtains.

Determine the Height of the Window Curtains You Will Be Using

Measuring window coverings in Toronto requires precise accuracy to ensure the curtains do not overpower a room or literally fall short. In terms of the height, a shorter curtain length can diminish the look of a room while those that touch the floor can become a hazard. Take the measurement from the floor to above the top of the window frame where the rod will be secured. It’s recommended to hang the curtains with the bottom just above the floor and the top attached 4” to 6” above the frame.

Consider the Weight of the Curtain Fabric

When selecting the right material at a curtain store in Toronto, consider the weight of the chosen fabric. Tall and large windows may require extra length or width, adding to the amount of fabric needed. Choose a light or airy fabric to lighten the weight on the supporting rod and bracket. A lighter fabric can also provide a more casual and homier feel to the room

Find a Curtain Rod That Is the Right Length

Before selecting a curtain rod to complement the room’s décor and drapery, take precise measurements of the width of the window frame. Add 8” to 12” inches to the measured width. Ideally, a rod that extends past the window width at least 4” to 6” will offer space for the curtains to be pulled wide opened. This also gives the illusion the window is larger than it is. 

Find Heavy-Duty Hooks or Wall Brackets to Hold the Curtains

When hanging curtains and drapery in Oakville, use durable or heavy-duty brackets to support the material. Wide or tall windows require a more abundant amount of material for full coverage. Using the proper rod will ensure the curtains remain securely in place. Choose a wider diameter for the curtain rod if you have heavier material.

Use Double Curtain Rod Brackets for Enhanced Support

As larger windows require more material for covering, use double curtain rod brackets. Unlike standard-sized windows that need brackets on either side of the window frame, a big window or patio door requires more support for the curtains. The extra reinforcement provides stability to the rod. This will help prevent the curtains and rod from bending or falling when opening and closing.

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