Brighten Up Your Space with California Shutters for Patio Doors

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With their functionality and sophistication, California shutters can be the perfect window treatment for your patio doors in Mississauga. Using patio doors to enhance the living space of a room offers easy access to the adjoining backyard and allows more natural light to filter into the room. California shutters provide the best of both worlds!

What Are California Shutters?

California shutters originate from ancient Greece where people used marble to construct “doors for their windows”. The complex and heavy structure of marble wasn’t necessarily functional, so wooden shutters were created instead. Referred to as plantation shutters, these wood shutters were adapted to have smaller louvers as popularity increased across California in the 19th century. These little modifications made the wooden shutters more appealing, giving them the name California shutters.

The unique design of California shutters feature blind slats that can be tilted to varying degrees for airflow, privacy, and natural light filtering. As these shutters are mounted onto the window frame, the ability to open the shutters is user-friendly without the need for string attachments.

What Are the Benefits of Using California Shutters in Mississauga?

The choice of using California shutters on patio doors offers a multitude of benefits in the look and the function of the space. Customized shutters are the best option in rooms where the patio doors are of an odd-size and for the advantage of tying in the style of the room.

The custom fit provides a more energy efficient method of retaining the temperature of the room in the summer and winter seasons. Using the unique lighting control of various types of California shutters gives the homeowner better control of blocking unwanted light and by providing privacy.

One more impractical, but still important, aspect of California shutters is the aesthetic appeal on a home. Regardless of the style of the structure, these shutters offer a sense of sophistication to any home.

How Do I Choose the Right California Shutters for My Patio Door?

When choosing California shutters in Oakville and the GTA, choose a reputable shop that offers a selection of materials, designs, and colours to suit your taste. Patio doorways in high traffic areas will need rugged but easy to clean shutters.

If the targeted room is undergoing a complete renovation, consider using the California shutters as a focal point. This provides a uniformed look for the space by redesigning and decorating the room around the window treatment.

What Are the Installation Instructions for California Shutters?

Window treatments, particularly for patio doors, can be fun to choose until it comes time to hang the shutters. Most manufacturers provide easy-to-follow instructions as long as you have the right tools, know-how, and a little help. As the design, style, and features of shutters vary among companies, each order will have its own set of instructions. For a perfect fit, consult a window treatment expert for proper measurement and installation services.

How Much Do California Shutters Cost?

The joy of California shutters is while they represent elegance and luxury, all makes and models are available at affordable prices. California shutters are an investment into the home. As patio doors can have abnormal measurements, some window treatment shops offer shutter pricing per square foot. The price for pre-made shutters can vary with each panel ranging from $100 to $800.

What Are the Popular California Shutter Options to Choose From?

The type of California shutters you choose depends on the room’s décor and the overall aesthetic appeal you are looking for. Most shutter manufacturers use advanced technology to create long-lasting, moisture-resistant materials that offer affordable solutions to coordinate any home.

Somerset Vinyl Shutters

Drapery stores in Mississauga offers a variety of California shutters such as the polysilk composite Somerset vinyl shutters. The specialized material provides a water-resistant barrier that prevents peeling, cracking, chipping, or fading on the window treatment. Offering a uniformed look, Somerset vinyl shutters can be customized to complement any room décor and style.

Vinyl Shutters

Tilia Wood Shutters

Bring nature indoors with the elegant and nature look of Tilia Wood shutters. Using kiln-dried hardwood, these low maintenance shutters provide an aesthetic appeal with the durability to withstand life’s adventures. Standard louver sizes of 2 ½”, 3 ½”, and 4 ½” can be tightly closed in either direction for better home energy efficiency as an added layer of insulation for patio doors. With heights of 20” to 120”, the shutters can be remotely positioned to a uniformed height.

Palm Beach

In keeping with the coastal theme, California shutters are available with the Palm Beach shutter design. The water-resistant polysatin material protects against mildew and damage from the powerful ultraviolet rays. Modern technology provides a user-friendly method with remote controlled front or rear tilt. From widths ranging from 7” to 289” and heights at 8 7/8” to 120”, these plantation-style shutters can balance the character of the room with the exterior views.

NewStyle Shutters

For an updated wooden look, consider the plantation-style NewStyle shutters. Combining the natural features of wood with the latest man-made materials offers a functional and beautiful design to your window treatments. This hybrid wood composite material provides a rugged style with a stunning presence. NewStyle shutters are available in horizontal louver sizes of 2 ½”, 3 ½”, and 4 ½”. With widths spanning from 7’ to 288” and heights from 12” to 116”, fitting within the patio door window frame has never been easier.

Get Custom California Shutters in Oakville or Mississauga

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