Add Christmas Cheer to Your Home with These 6 Window Treatment Ideas

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As you decorate your home for the holidays, don’t forget your window treatments. Window coverings in Toronto offer the perfect canvas to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for your family and guests this season.

However you celebrate this month, use your furnishings and window treatments to express a festive and creative mood. While switching the curtains, drapery, or blinds and shutters for coordinating your holiday colour scheme isn’t always practical, instead, you can decorate your window treatments in Toronto to match your holiday theme.

Why Window Treatments Matter in Holiday Decorations

By using your existing window treatments or ordering custom drapery from a Toronto design shop, any room can be transformed into a winter wonderland with a few personalized touches. Walk into a room and one of the first things to be noticed is the window coverings.

Boost the Cheerful and Festive Mood

Window treatments are used for a variety of reasons, including adding to the aesthetics of a room. The interior design of any room sets the tone such as bright and cheerful or homey and cozy. Boost the festive mood with adding holiday decorations to or near the window treatments.

Create a Warm Atmosphere

A huge benefit to hanging window treatments is using them as a buffer from the cold chilly winter wind and sub-zero temperatures. Having a combination of blinds and drapery help to insulate the living room or bedrooms. The physical surroundings enhance the cozy atmosphere of family and friends’ time.

Offer a Decorating Background

Curtains and drapery offer a blank canvas to add to the holiday decorations of the room. Whether the window treatments include shades or shutters or are hung on their own, use the material as a backdrop to your decorating.

6 Tips for Your Window Decorations This Holiday Season!

Wondering how to make this magic happen? We have the top six tips on how to use your existing window treatments to create a warm and welcoming room this holiday season.

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Hang a Festive Wreath on the Window

Break from tradition and hang a Christmas wreath on your window, as well as your front door. Having a festive wreath decorated with fairy lights can enhance the warmth of the room. A wreath can be decorated on either or both sides to share the magic with passers-by and the home’s occupants.

Drape a Colourful Scarf or Blanket Over Neutral Window Treatments

Have neutral-coloured window treatments such as beige, cream, or even white? Add a touch of colour to coordinate with your room decorations with a scarf or blanket. Drape the material over the top rod of the curtains or blinds to enhance the make-up of the room.

String Holiday Lights Around Window Treatments

In rooms where the drapery is pulled back exposing the window, add white fairy lights or small coloured bulbs to the framework or sill. Placing electric or battery-powered candles along the windowsill can also work to create a festive atmosphere. Replace the tiebacks with greenery or holiday ribbon.

Hang Stockings or Garland from the Top of Window Treatments

Greenery can also be used as garland to be hung along the top of the window treatment as a valance to dress-up the windows. Stringing small stockings or small ornaments along the greenery can also create a unique décor space. This works well with French or patio doors!

Place Your Christmas Tree in Front of the Window

For the pièce de résistance, consider placing your Christmas tree in front of your living room or family room windows. This helps to centre the room and provides a welcoming sight to friends and family entering the yard. The lights from the tree provide an inviting glow both inside and outside of the home. It also can showcase your fabulous window treatments!

Decorate Your Windowsill with a Santa, Elf, or Other Holiday Decoration

If powered candles are not in the plans to decorate the windowsill, consider using various small Christmas decorations. A miniature Santa in a sleigh lead by reindeer or a small ceramic village complete with white lights can be aesthetically pleasing.

Favorite Window Treatments this Holiday Season

For homeowners who enjoy decorating with items for a traditional look, the window coverings of Roman shades, or wooden shutters provide a natural atmosphere to the room. Use wood or faux wood blinds or shutters with greenery to offer a conservation approach to your Christmas decorating. Both types of materials are offered in a variety of natural colourings with smooth grains. Choose the perfect size of slates to provide the right light filtering effect.

A modern approach to decorating a room’s windows is using roller blinds, dual shades, Roman shades, or cellular shades. Roller blinds in Mississauga are easy to maintain and can be easy installed if switching colours for holiday decorating is on the agenda. The folding Roman shades also offer a chance to boost the colour of the room while providing intimacy when needed.

Dual shades also can be used to balance the need for privacy or light in a variety of colours, textures, and patterns. Similarly, cellular shades found in Toronto help to add to the character of the festive room. Known as honeycomb shades, Toronto homeowners love the simplicity and exquisite appeal of these energy-efficient blinds.

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