What’s the Difference between Curtains and Drapes?

Curtains & DraperyIf you’re in the market for curtains and drapery in Oakville, you no doubt have come across a number of options for both. But before you can decide on which is best for your home and meets your aesthetic goals, you have to figure out what makes the two different from each other.

In this piece, we’ll look to answer that question, so you can easily differentiate between curtains and drapes and find the best option for your room.

Curtains vs. Drapes

While many may use the terms interchangeably, there are, in fact, some key differences between the two window treatment ideas.

Drapes are usually considered more formal and traditional. As such, they tend to be made of heavier fabrics and are typically placed in rooms that are going for a certain kind of regal feel, like a bedroom or a living room. Due to the heaviness of drapes, they also tend to be better at keeping out the light (if that’s what you’re looking for) as well as insulating the rooms. Drapes can also typically (but not always!) be steam cleaned.

Curtains, by contrast, are more often than not made of lighter and thinner material and can be placed in any room of the house, from bathroom to bedroom to living rooms. Due to their lesser weight, they are usually easier to put up around the house as well as generally move around the house.

Now, both, of course, are window treatments, and do tend to perform generally the same function; moderate the light that enters a room.

That said, choosing between the two can impact everything from your budget to your room’s overall look to how you maintain the window treatment.

When Should You Opt for Curtains?

Curtains are a solid choice for your room if you’re looking for a lighter material that lets a lot more light in relative to heavier drapes (not all drapes are like this, of course, but this is the general rule of thumb).

When you get custom drapery in Mississauga from us, for instance, you can actually personally determine the exact thickness of your curtains, which will help with both light moderation and insulation.

The insulation can also help with energy efficiency, as it can reduce the workload of your heating and air conditioner, reducing monthly prices.

And perhaps the best aspect of curtains of all is that they are infinitely customizable in terms of looks, so you can nail the exact look you want for your room.

When Should You Choose Drapes?

Drapes are superior to curtains when it comes to privacy as they are often opaquer. That also helps in terms of keeping out heavy streams of light for, say, a bedroom.

The thicker fabric can also be superior at keeping noise down.

As they are thicker, it’s harder to control insulation, but they are typically better at insulating a room compared to the average curtain. Then again, in a room that tends to heat up, drapes may exacerbate that problem, in which case you may want to opt for lighter curtains.

And as mentioned before, drapes are perfect if you’re looking for a more regal, traditional look.

The Largest Selection of Curtains and Drapery in Burlington, Mississauga, and the GTA

You now have all the info you need to choose between the perfect curtain or drape for your home; the next step is getting that perfect window treatment!

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