Top 10 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Windows Treatments

When you get the perfect window treatments, it can really tie the room together. But as times and styles change and materials deteriorate, you may notice that your current window treatments no longer meet your expectations.

How do you know when it’s time for a full-blown replacement of your current shutters, window shades, curtains, and drapery? Watch out for these 10 tell-tale signs and then contact a local window treatment provider to get the best window treatments in Toronto.

Slats That Are Warped or Cracked

If you’re seeing slats that are warped or cracked, then it’s likely time for new window treatments. Warping or cracking is often caused by heat damage or humidity damage. And not only does this hurt the aesthetic of your blinds, but it will also get in the way of their functionality. A couple slats can be individually replaced, but if there’s severe warping, it’s time to replace the window treatments.

Materials with Discoloration

As with any fabric in your home, constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays will eventually cause discoloration over time. If you notice that your once vibrantly coloured blinds are now looking faded and discoloured, it’s definitely time to get new ones to make sure your room continues to pop. What’s more, if you notice that the colour is fading from your slats, that may actually signal that there’s more severe damage to the material itself.

Lifting and Lowering Difficulties

Your blinds are meant to add a beautiful aesthetic to your home, but don’t forget that the main purpose of a window treatment is for it to be functional! If you’re experiencing difficulty lifting and lowering the window treatment, that means that it’s time for either repairs or a total replacement. These mechanisms can be damaged by sun exposure over time and wear and tear, which makes operating your window treatment frustrating.

Fabric That Is Frayed

Fabric can become frayed for all sorts of reasons. From pets to accidents to rips that occur over time, these holes will hurt the overall look of your room. In other words, it’s time to get some

new fabric. Why not opt for motorized style drapery? This way, you won’t have to manually lift your drapes up and down, preventing wear and tear and future frays.

Safety Issues

If your window treatment starts to have loose and hanging bits, that could be dangerous to your pets and any children in the house, and that’s on top of making them look old and worn. So not only will replacing them help the aesthetic of the room, but it will also help to keep your kids and pets safe.

Broken or Bent Shutters

It goes without saying that if the shutters are bent or broken, then it’s time to get some new window treatments. Otherwise, your home will look unkempt while also making it more difficult to operate the mechanism of your window shutters. This can be especially problematic when you have motorized style drapery as this can be a major issue that could become costly to fix, and you may be better off with a full-on replacement.

They Aren’t Suitable for Your Window Requirements

The reasons we pick our specific window treatments can be many. From maintaining privacy to letting in the perfect amount of sunlight (and being able to block out sunlight when want, at any given time) to the proper amount of insulation, window treatments can affect a lot. If your needs change or if you become dissatisfied with what your current treatments are providing, then you can always replace them with treatments that do fit your needs.

Increase in Noise

Window treatments are meant to be seen, not heard! If the window treatment begins to make noise (creaking, buzzing, or scraping sounds) that could mean that they are getting old and need to be replaced. These noises can get annoying fast. On the other hand, if your blinds and shutters aren’t able to keep the noise out from outside, then it’s time to get new ones that will help you maintain the noise levels you want in your home.

They Look Old

If your window treatments begin to look old or become out of style, then it’s time to find ones that will better fit with your new style or will inject a bit of new panache into your room. Like with anything else in your home, over time, it may become necessary to substitute your current window treatment for new ones that fit your new style or bring back a bit of flare to your room.

Light That Is Leaking

If light is seeping trough when you don’t want it to, that means that your window treatments aren’t working as they should. Whether due to age or improper installation or the wrong materials, the best move here is to replace them with treatments that actually help filter the light out to your liking. After all, no one wants to be woken up by that early-morning bright sun when what you’re really looking for is that extra hour or so of sleep on a weekend!

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