Things to Consider when Choosing a Colour for Your Blinds

Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds

Window blinds are an essential accent to any room in the home. The design and style of custom blinds in Toronto can enhance your living room, kitchen, and bedroom while providing functionality.

Gone are the days of plain white blinds! Today’s choices include a vast array of colours, textures, patterns, and materials. The key is to know how to choose the right colours to enrich the surroundings of your home.

Here are some points to consider:

Window Trim and Molding in the Room

Depending on the desired focal point of the room, choosing the same colour scheme for the blinds as the window trim and molding may be best. Most moldings and trim are white, beige, or cream colour, making it easy to have window treatments blend into the background.

Colour of the Wall

Look to the colour of your walls. If they are a bold shade, consider choosing a more neutral colour for your blinds or window treatments. Alternately, you can try to match the shades with the wall colours and create a monochromatic look. The blinds can be a few shades lighter or darker than the walls to add to the impressible room. Use the distinctive styling of zebra blinds in Mississauga.

Size of the Room

Consider the size of the room when deciding on a blind colour. For smaller rooms, lighter shades of window blinds help give the illusion of a brighter and bigger room. For larger spaces such as family rooms, blinds of darker or brighter colours can enhance a cozy atmosphere.

Flooring Colour

As one of the most overlooked aspects of a room, the flooring should be taken into consideration when choosing a blind colour. Stunning hardwood floors and carpeting can pop with the right colour choice of blinds. Even the rich tones of woven or faux wood window treatments can tie in the natural look of hardwood floors.

Furniture and Other Fixtures

Look beyond the flooring and the walls and take the furnishings and accessories into consideration when selecting the perfect window blind. With the massive selection of patterns and colours available, the blinds can complement the couch cushions, throw rugs, or accent chairs.

Choose Between Warm and Cool Colours

If bold statement patterns are not an option, use warm or cool colours for roller blinds for your home in Mississauga. Brown, yellow, or light blue can add a unique style while creating a calm or energetic atmosphere. Using these exclusive colours in select rooms such as a bathroom or kitchen can transform the spirit of the room.

Contrasting Colours

Another choice with window blinds is using contrasting colours between the blinds and the drapery. Pair a bold colour with a classic colour shade to create a modern feel for the room. Dark wooden shutters can also be an option. Complete the look with a lighter colour for the curtain.

Talk to Design Experts at Texeuro Drapery Ltd. to Help You Choose the Perfect Colour for Custom Blinds

At Texeuro Drapery Ltd., your choices for striking blinds and window treatments are limitless! We offer custom in-home and in-showroom service to ensure your vision is matched with our designers’ abilities to dress your windows. Contact us online or call (905) 629-9575 to learn more about our colourful blind options.

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