Can Blackout Blinds Help Improve the Quality of Your Sleep?

Feeling drowsy and restless each day? Improve your sleep by investing in blackout blinds near you. Many of us already lose hours of sleep due to stress and worrying; don’t add to your burdens by allowing sunlight to peer through your windows when you’re trying to sleep.

Did you know that even the smallest amount of light can disrupt your sleep cycle? But blackout blinds have been tested and proven to help improve the quality of your sleep, as well as protect your health as you sleep.

From shift workers to midday nappers to light sleepers, blackout blinds can be a blessing to most households.

Wondering how a piece of material can have such a profound effect on your life? Continue reading to learn more about blackout blinds and the advantages associated with this form of window treatments.

What Are Blackout Blinds?

As the name suggests, blackout blinds are a type of window treatment that block outside light from shining in through your window. Blackout blinds provide an extra layer of insulation, privacy, and temperature control to a room. They tend to be thicker or heavier than regular blinds and are available in various materials such as wood, plastic, or metal. Blackout blinds can be used with curtains and drapery.

The Importance of Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

We each have an internal clock, also known as our circadian rhythm, which is influenced by daylight and darkness. Despite some rare cases, the natural hormone known as melatonin regulates our internal clock. This hormone induces sleepiness usually around two hours before bedtime. The changing seasons and daylight hours can have a direct effect on our circadian rhythm.

Having a proper sleep pattern is important for both our physical and mental health. It can help by boosting our immune system, improving cardiovascular health, stimulating the memory, and increasing our energy.

Studies have shown that adapting to a proper sleep pattern can reduce depression, stimulate weight loss, increase social and emotional intelligence, and help to balance hormone release.

Vertical Blinds

Can Blackout Window Blinds Help You Sleep Better?

Window blinds in Mississauga are a tool to help light sleepers obtain a restful night’s sleep by eliminating filtering light seen with regular blinds and curtains. A darkened room affects people in various ways. While few people can sleep anywhere at any time, most people need complete darkness to feel at ease and stay asleep.

By providing an atmosphere wherein the light and noise are reduced, the mind and body are better able to benefit from a more quality sleep.

6 Benefits of Using Blackout Window Coverings

When shopping for curtains or blinds in Mississauga, consider the economical, personal, and health benefits of using blackout window coverings. Having control over the privacy, amount of filtering light, and the ability to enhance the security of your home are just some of the amazing benefits of these particular window treatments.

Excellent Conditions for Quality Sleep and Rest

As discussed, blackout window coverings provide the ideal setting for quality sleep and rest. A dark room provides the best sleeping opportunity for those who require sleep during daylight hours. Both day and night sleepers are more productive, healthier, and abundantly happier when receiving adequate amount of rest.

Noise Proofing

One of the more irritating aspects of trying to have a peaceful sleep is being exposed to noise pollution. The extra layer in blackout blinds is a great option for noise proofing a room. In fact, many blackout window treatment manufacturers enlist the help of architectural sound proofers and acoustic advisors to ensure their product blocks exterior sounds and noise. Whether the noise of high-traffic areas or the neighbourhood disrupts the sleep of the house occupants, blackout fabrics are known to reduce excess noise from invading the home.

Energy Savings

Every home investment is beneficial if it helps to reduce energy use and costs. Blackout blinds are designed to be energy efficient by working as an insulator and a temperature regulator. By controlling the temperature of a room, the need for cranking up the heat or air conditioner can be reduced. In the long run, the savings is seen in the energy bill.

Protects Your Furniture

The powerful ultraviolet rays of the sun can easily damage furnishings, flooring, walls, and drapery. While most furniture is protected by stain-resisting material, ultraviolet light can fade the colouring, causing the need for replacement. The same can be said for your carpeting, décor, and even electronics exposed to direct sunlight.

Insulation and Temperature Control

Most blackout blinds are particularly designed and styled to work as an insulator and to control interior temperatures. This type of window treatment blocks the high sunlight temperatures while maintaining the cool temperatures of the house during the summer. When the cooler months appear, the blackout blinds can help keep the warmth inside the home while blocking cold air from the windowpanes.

Privacy and Security

With the thickness of blackout blinds, the extra layering provides greater security and privacy protection. Drawing the blinds closed can ensure passersby, as well as natural light, do not have a chance to peek in. For intimate settings, the blackout blind provides the desired privacy from the outside world. They can also give the home occupants a sense of security when home alone.

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