California Shutters for Oakville’s Newest Home Developments

California Shutters Oakville

Oakville and nearby communities like Burlington are experiencing tremendous growth, with new, luxury communities being developed with world-class views of Lake Ontario, forests, ravines, and trails. To enjoy the outside beauty of Oakville and make the inside just as stunning, consider using California shutters as your window treatment.

California shutters are an interior shutter that continues to grow in popularity in Oakville’s newest developments. They are similar to Plantation shutters, but the width of the louvers (or braces) is wider.

In fact, California and Plantation are styles that refer to the size of the louvers. California shutters are made of louvers that are 2.5 inches wide while Plantation shutters have louvers that are 3.5 inches wide.

If you’re thinking of using shutters, it’s best to go with one style throughout the entire home. This will maintain a consistent aesthetic from both the inside and outside. Many homeowners like the idea of California shutters because the louver size give a better view of the outdoors.

The marginally smaller louver width of a California shutter make them easier to install and are perfect for rooms of any size.

Unlike vinyl or other wooden brace blinds, California shutters do not have long, dangling lines or strings that can get tangled up. Instead, they collapse or swing open, providing an unobstructed view of the outside. California shutters are also very versatile and can be designed to fit any shape or size of window.

Below are a number of other reasons why you should choose California shutters for your new home in Oakville, Hamilton, and the Greater Toronto Area.

Top Reasons to Choose California Shutters for Your New House

Add Beauty

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, then a lot of people think California shutters add beauty to their home. The design and huge variety of colours and finishes of this interior window covering makes it perfect for any style of décor. California shutters can be painted white for a more traditional look or you can take it modern with virtually any finish, stain, or texture.

Because California shutters can be seen from both the interior and exterior of the house, it’s important to pick a color that enhances the inside and outside of the home.

Improve Privacy

When it comes to privacy, it’s tough to beat California shutters. The louvers are easy to open and close, meaning you have total control over privacy. They can be shut for total privacy or angled in different ways, allowing light to come in without compromising your privacy.

Improve Air Flow

For windows that open, California shutters can actually improve air flow. Open any window and adjust the louvers to either maximize ventilation or close them to minimize air flow or any breezes.

Durable and Easy to Maintain

California shutters are long-lasting and easy to maintain. Because California shutters are made of solid wood and other heavy materials, they last for a long time. They are also made-to-order, so they fit your window frame perfectly.

Cleaning California shutters is also a breeze. To remove any dust or buildup, you can grab a simple feather duster and run it between each blind. You could also pop an upholstery attachment onto a vacuum and run it over the louvers.

Or, you can use a damp cloth and wipe the louvers down. If the California shutters are made of wood, dry off the louvers after using a damp cloth. This will prevent the wood from warping over time.

Dryer sheets are also a great way to prevent dust from sticking to the surface. After you’ve cleaned the louvers off, run a dryer sheet over each louver.


Because California shutters are interior window coverings, they block out excessive sunlight and insulate your home. During the cold winter months, closing the louvers provides an additional layer of insulation.

California shutters are the most energy efficient window treatment because they are made of heavy, solid wood, which covers all of the corners and curves of the window, reducing airflow and maximizing energy efficiency.

UV Protection

Direct sunlight can wreak havoc on furniture and other interior fabrics. Over time, that sunlight will make the fabrics fade. With California shutters though, you have total control over how much sunlight and air enters a room.

To keep your furniture and other accessories protected from damaging UV rays, adjust the louvers so that the light is either blocked out entirely or shines in the way you like it.

What Is the Cost of California Shutters in Oakville?

High-quality California shutters can cost anywhere from $28 per square foot to $35 per square foot. While the cost of a California shutter is more than other types of window treatments, it’s important to remember that they are made out of high-quality, Canadian hardwood or vinyl extrusions. This is also why California shutters are so durable and dependable.

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