Things You Need to Know before Buying Blackout Drapery

Blackout Drapery Style

Sometimes there’s nothing nicer than a room flooded with warm sunlight. And then there are times when you want to keep it out. This is especially true if you work nights or shiftwork, are a light sleeper, like to take an afternoon nap, have children who wake up with the sun, want to watch a movie, or just want privacy.

If you want to set the right mood for a peaceful sleep, blackout drapery can be a life saver. Whether you’re looking for blackout curtains for a bedroom, family room, media room, or any room where you want the option of blocking out light, blackout curtains can be both fashionable and functional.

Before buying blackout drapery in Ontario, however, consider these factors.

How Do Blackout Drapes Work?

Blackout curtains and drapers are designed to keep a room dark for as long as you like. It’s the fabric used in blackout curtains that is the key. They not only keep out light but also block noise. Blackout drapes and curtains also reduce energy costs by cutting the amount of sunlight and UV rays that enter a room. That means blackout curtains and drapes help insulate a room during the winter months and keep rooms cool in the summer.

But how do they work? First off, blackout curtains are different than blackout drapes. Blackout curtains are made of one layer of fabric and typically have the room darkening fabric built into the curtain. While this results in a thicker fabric, because it is one layer, it is still lighter in appearance and weight than drapes.

Blackout drapes are made of thicker, heavier material, including velvet and suede. The blackout fabric is installed on the back of the drapes. In the past, blackout fabric was dark, but today, you can get blackout fabric in a wide variety of colours, including white. This is beneficial for those who want blackout drapes but want to use a fabric that looks good from the outside of the house too.

Installation Tip

Blackout drapes and curtains are installed the same way as standard drapes and curtains are. To ensure that you maximize the darkness in any room, measure a couple of inches beyond the window frame. You can also use wraparound rods, which allows the drapes to hang all the way around the window, as opposed to being recessed in the window frame.

Cleaning Blackout Drapery

Blackout drapes and blackout curtains attract dust and odours just like any other window covering. So, they’ll need to be cleaned. Cotton, polyester, and linen blackout curtains can be put in the washing machine, on a cold, gently cycle. Once cleaned, you can air dry them, or iron them while they’re still damp and hang them to dry to prevent wrinkling.

Blackout drapes are made of heavier, denser fabrics but they can also be made out of lighter fabrics like linen and silk. To prevent these drapes from fading or shrinking in the washer, they should be sprayed or dry cleaned.

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