What Are the Benefits of Using Sheer Window Shades?

Sheer Window Shades

When it comes to decorating a room, many people think of window treatments as an afterthought. Something that isn’t a necessity. At least not as necessary as say, an appliance. That narrative changes quickly though when people are faced with nosy neighbours, bright sunlight, or when you have a room updated. If that happens, window treatments all of a sudden become a necessity.

For those living in Toronto, the big question is, do you want blinds or window shades? There’s no reason to compromise, you can get the best of both worlds by using sheer window shades. Sheer window shades are a unique window treatment that is a combination of both blinds and shades.

What are the benefits of using sheer window shades? Keep reading to find out.

Provides Daytime Privacy

Sheer window shades are great if you want daytime privacy. Sheer might sound like it means transparent, but it doesn’t. The sheer fabric used in window shades is designed to let you see through because of small openings in the fabric. But it also provides a lot of privacy since it’s very difficult to see inside a dark home when it is bright outside.

UV Protection

Sheer window shades allow sunlight into a room but block out harmful UV rays. In addition to protecting you from serious health risks associated with UV rays, they also prevent sun damage and fabric from fading. With sheer window shades, you get the benefits of a sunny day without the damaging consequences.


Sheer window shades cost less than most other kinds of window coverings. That’s because they are made from lighter fabrics, like cotton, linen, or synthetic. That doesn’t mean they look inexpensive. Sheer window shades are made from natural resources, have vanes that can be angled to let in light, and feature solid pieces of fabric that span the entire length of the shade.

Easy to Maintain

Easy to install and easy to maintain. Unlike many other kinds of window treatments, sheer window shades are easy to keep clean and maintain. That’s because they are made from lighter, natural fabrics. Cotton and linen can be easily dry cleaned or even washed at home.

Multiple, Elegant Styling Options

When it comes to styling, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with sheer window shades. Sheer doesn’t mean the fabric needs to be white or beige. Get creative and chose a colour that complements the other décor in the room. There are also a huge number of accessories to choose from as well, from finials, to belts, to strings, cords, and even beads. Sheer window shades are an easy way to make any room feel more light, airy, and elegant.

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