How to Match Your Room’s Carpeting and Curtains with the Wall Colours

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Wall colours, curtains, and drapery matched with the perfect carpet or rug can really tie a room together. In fact, it may be the very first thing you notice when you walk into a room: the colour combination and the resulting atmosphere the combination exudes.

It’s important to get a colour combination that speaks to you. That in mind, let’s go over things to consider when selecting the appropriate colour scheme for your carpeting, curtains, and walls.

Remember the Rule of Three

The Rule of Three in interior design speak is rather simple: people tend to prefer an odd number of items to an even number. The belief being that odd numbers are more natural opposed to seemingly over-regimented even numbers.

In this case, the Rule of Three means combining three shades of the same colour on your walls, carpet, and drapes. This accentuates the items themselves while creating a cohesive colour combination that will please you and your visitors.

Some colour combinations can include grey-blue colours for a more calming effect or various shades of beige for a neutral, goes-with-everything colour scheme.

But this is just a pointer! You’re not constrained by the rule. The only rule is that you should always make design choices that please you, first and foremost.

Colour Pairing Proportions

A good suggestion is to follow the 60-30-10 approach. That means 60% should be the primary room colour, 30% as a secondary colour, and 10% as an accent colour.

Colour combinations here can be neutral or bold, all the same or all different.

You could do something like a 60% neutral beige, a 30% bold navy blue on your accent wall, and a 10% coral colour on throw pillows. Or, if you want to keep to the Rule of Three, this works perfectly well with three shades of the same colour, like varying shades of white, for instance, or even white walls with a white patterned carpet and a final shade of white for trims or pillows.

Combine Texture and Pattern

While we’re mainly concerned here with colour combinations, remember that textures and patterns can be a great way to establish a complementary room design!

Shaggy drapes and carpets, for instance, can be a great choice, if that’s in keeping with your style.

Textures can also help differentiate a room. For instance, if you choose to go all white or beige, different textures can go a long way towards adding some spice and variety to your design. That way, you get the benefit of a neutral, non-abrasive colour combination without it looking overly sedate or boring.

Curtains and Drapery Burlington

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