How To Reduce Noise Using Drapery

Do you live in the city? are the bright lights and noise keeping you up? If you are trying to achieve noise reduction using drapery or curtains, here are 2 points you must follow for best results!

  1. Get drapes that are heavy weight – you will achieve up to three times the noise reduction with drapery that is twice as heavy
  1. Pleats are important – Pleated curtains can double and triple the noise reduction compared to flat drapery that have the same weight.

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What types of materials should i be looking for?

Heavy material is what you should be looking for however, the most sound absorbent fabrics are heavy Suede and or Velvet. Room Darkening/blackout materials are also thicker and will help. Now lets talk Lining.. When it comes to lining your drapery in the most sound absorbent way, using a Thermal Lining will give you best results.

How does the Fullness and or Pleats help with reducing noise?

  • The pleat will increase the thickness of the curtain/drapes. This will increase the amount of layers/material that the sound will have to pass through until it reaches the other side.
  • Pleating will create “wedges” in the curtain/drape which causes sound to reflect off the drapes pleats causing sound to then be absorbed by the curtain surfaces.

When thinking of getting drapery for your house looking to block out as much sound as possible, you can conclude that by getting drapes that are much wider and twice as heavy, so they are “pleated and full” and lined with a thermal lining, you can achieve up to 9 times the noise reduction. (This will also help with blocking out and keeping in Heat or Cold)

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