The Expressions™

• This Line is part of the Graphic Shades division – allows you to create one of a kind

custom designs

• Create your own custom WALLPAPER, print decorative art and images,

photographs and logos on Commercial fabrics

• These custom designs are made IN HOUSE therefore NO MINIMUM Order Quanty

• Wallpaper can be made from various textures and compositions at different price

points therefore making it affordable

Please click here for more information: http://www.mysunglow.com/?page_id=1482

• Printing from a decorative cushion

o Sun Glow’s team of graphic artists are able to replicate the print on a cushion

and alter the scale and colour of the print to make a truly unique wallpaper or

roller shade.

o Further customize your custom printed roller with the Glamour Collection of

accessories (pulls)


• Printing Travel Photos

o Create custom wallpaper or roller shades using your family photos

o Further enhance the look with writing/quotes etc on the background

o Changes colours, or have a neutral colour like sepia

• Printing from Decorative Carpet and Chairs

o Any pattern on your rug can be reproduced and transposed onto roller shade

fabric or can be made into a beautiful wallpaper or wall art etc

Please click here for more information: http://www.mysunglow.com/?page_id=1482

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