How To Measure

Although it is always best to have one of our trained professionals measure your windows for you, here are some helpful instructions and tips to ensure that you measure correctly:

1) Always use a metal tape measure for accurate measurements.

2) Record all measurements in inches to the nearest 1/8 inch.

3) Record Width first and Height Second (W x H)

4) Measure the exact Width in 3 places for inside mount: a) top b) middle c) bottom (Use the shortest measurement)

5) Measure the exact Height in 3 places for inside mount: a) left b) centre c) right (Use the longest measurement)

6) Measure all windows, even if they appear to be the same size.

7) Always double check all measurements.

T = Top
C = Centre
B = Bottom
O = Outside Width

L = Left
C = Centre
R = Right
O-1 = Outside Height (to top sill)
O-2 = Outside Height (to the floor)


1)   Inside Mount Width T, C, and B:

Measure across the window casing from one inside edge to the other inside edge.

2)   Inside Mount Height, L, C, and R:

Measure the inside area from the top inside edge down to the top of the sill.

3)   Outside Mount Width O:

Measure from one end of the casing to the other then add a minimum of 3”, or

1-1/2” on each side for the headrail brackets.

4)   Outside Mount Height O-1:

Measure from the top of the window sill up to the desired top of the blind.

5)   Outside Mount Height O-2:

Measure from the floor up to the desired height above the window.

To help you to convert you measurements from metric to imperial please click on the link below.


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