Professional Installation

Professional Installation

Texeuro Drapery recommends using a window covering professional to measure and install your window shades and blinds for proper fit and function. Measuring and installing yourself can be time consuming and costly should errors occur.

Things to consider that ensure proper fit and function of window coverings:

  • Are your window frames square?
  • Should you consider an inside- or an outside-mounted installation?

The Risks of Improper Installation

There are inherent risks involved if the process doesn’t go smoothly. The first is causing damage to surrounding areas, such as drilling more holes than necessary, not securing heavier blinds to wall studs or frames and having them collapse over time, or damaging the window coverings in the process. In some cases, installing the blinds on your own may void any manufacturer warranties as well.

Anything less than a perfect fit means less than a perfect look. So when you’re ready to find the right window covering, you’ll want to make the most of your investment by hiring a professional installer. Call Sun Shades to get in touch with a professional installer you can trust.

Correct Measurements