• This Premium Collection features the greatest selection of colours and beautiful fabrics with embossed textured fabrics that increase the strength of the shades and allow for crisper pleats. This is the perfect match of quality and splendour.




  • This collection features technically superior fabrics that provide both sturdiness and suppleness. This is the perfect marriage of functionality and value and fit for any space.


SmartRise™ Cordless System


  • This revolutionary system features a top-down bottom-up system that eliminates cords coming down the centre of the shade allowing for a clear unobstructed view outside.

  • Ideal for French doors, tilt-in windows (up to 15o), or almost any window.

  • The versatile design is mounted with a snug fit to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy.

  • When shade is completely lifted up the hardware is fully hidden for a crisp, clean look, and is both child and pet safe!

  • The design allows for both an inside and outside mount.

  • Features an easy to adjust tension system that guarantees consistent shade workability over the years.