Custom Fabrics

At Texeuro Drapery when you come to our showroom you will be in awe of the infinite fabrics options available to you. As custom drapery specialists, we are pleased to offer you the newest fabrics on the market from multiple suppliers featuring the latest fabric trends, colours, textures, patterns and styles. With over 10 000 fabrics on hand to choose from, we will assist you to find a beautiful and unique fabric that suits your personal taste and décor.

For those of you who prefer to do some research or shopping online, below you’ll be able to connect to some of our fabric suppliers’ websites and navigate through their fabric selections by colour and/or pattern. After you have chosen or narrowed down your fabric selection, don’t forget to write down the pattern and colour of the fabric(s). Then you can come into our showroom and see the fabrics in person, thereby saving you the time and effort of going through all the books at the showroom. Please keep in mind that the fabric pattern and colours may differ online than in person, and it is always best to see and feel the fabric in person.

Fabric Suppliers

Joanne Fabrics
Maxwell Fabrics

Robert Allen Design

Carole Fabrics


Unique Fine Fabrics